Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree!


Tis the season! At holiday time I always look forward to decorating the house. I have collected very unique ornaments over the years. Some were hand me downs others I have bought on my own but my style has always been praised through friends and family. Christmas time growing up with my mother was always extremely extra. She took great pride in her interior and exterior decorating skills. And yes I have inherited that trait! This photo is an up-close look at my 7.5ft Faux Slim Pre Lite Pine Christmas Tree. I mainly decorate using signature Christopher Radko ornaments. They’re uniquely made from Fine European Glass and always come out with a new collection yearly. I do occasionally come across some great ornaments to add to my collection. The glass skull heads from Target in silver and gold and the mini disco balls I had found at Michaels years ago were great finds. Anyway however you design your tree enjoy it and have fun. Merry Christmas!

Natural Nails


I always tend to forget about this amazing nail hardener. I’ve used this product on and off for years. I’m being extra good with giving my natural nails a fresh coat once a week to keep my nails long and strong. I have extremely white nails. My friends think I bleach them and I don’t. My toes are the same way. Lucky I guess but to keep them in tip top shape I use Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener. It can be used as a base coat, top coat or as clear natural look like I do. Of course another great product I get from Amazon. If you end up purchasing any products I recommend please comment or message me with your feedback.

Jameson Turned the Wild One!

Here is a picture of our dessert table that we created for our sons’ big day! I painted the sign using acrylic paints and purchased the poster card at Hobby Lobby. I ordered the cupcakes from ShopRite. The cookies were Pillsbury and the Chocolate Covered Pretzels were Utz and the melting chocolate and gold sprinkles were also from Hobby Lobby. The time line banner, cupcake toppers and table confetti were all from Etsy. A little pricey at times however they have the perfect party accessories to make your day one of a kind.

Cauliflower Fritters

IMG_2283 2

Check on my new recipe on my Adult Recipe page! This simple recipe is perfect for the on the go lifestyle and so delicious especially with a few drops of hot sauce! Also this recipe is most certainly toddler and child friendly, I just had my almost 1 year old try them tonight and he liked them. This is another meal to add to his menu and will definitely play a part in his meal rotation. Whenever any of you try my recipes please feel free to comment. Any feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy!

Shoe Organizing

IMG_2279I am always looking for ways to consolidate everything and organize my space in the most practical way possible. When we moved I had my shoes in all different closets around the apt. Wherever they could fit I jammed them in. I realized that I had all this room underneath our bed so I had ditched my clear shoe boxes which are completely amazing if you have the room to put them all in one space and bought these awesome storage bins. They have wheels and open half way so if you need something at one end u can conveniently open only half of the lid. I have used a total of 3 bins under my bed and probably could fit more being that we have a king. I didn’t reorganize my boots they are in the clear boxes still because well tis the season, fall and winter is upon us. So if you’re looking for a new way to organize your shoes check out these awesome storage bins I got at BedBath&Beyond.

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

If you don’t already, you absolutely must wash your makeup brushes bi-weekly if not weekly. I found a great homemade solution that does the trick every time. I put my makeup brushes upside down in a glass or cup with a few drops of dish soap, some steaming hot water and about a table spoon or 2 of white vinegar. I swish the brushes around for a few seconds and then let them soak for a couple minutes. I bring them to the sink and continue swishing them and rinsing them with hot water. They come out squeaky clean. In addition always lay your brushes flat on a hand towel to make sure they fully dry out before using them again.