Baby Food Textures

My son Jameson recently had turned 9 months old! Time sure is flying. I am still making all of his food myself and continue to purée everything. As of last month he has grown 2 teeth in on the bottom so I decided it was time to thicken up his food to get him used to new texture and add some seasoning to give him some flavor. Along with yogurt melt and puffs, I also have been giving him bananas and watermelon in tiny pieces which he loved. Different for him so we have gotten a few sour faces however he definitely enjoyed trying them. 

Last week I had made a garbanzo bean mash and left it on the grittier chunkier side. Jameson was not a fan at first and it took a lot longer to feed him. But each day got easier so don’t give up if your baby isn’t into something first time around. Keep trying. Everything is brand new and can be strange at first.

The photo above is what I made for the week coming up. You can find this delicious combination on My Adult Recipe Page. I puréed on low for a few seconds. Then pulsed to my desired texture. Jamo did very well with it being a thicker texture with new flavors. Again there were some faces at first but he gobbled it down! 

Skin Skin Skin

I had posted about slowly switching all my skincare to Simple Skincare. I finally finished my night cream and decided to try the Replenishing Formula by Simple and I’m obsessed! It has a rich consistency and does the job for my forever dehydrated skin. I usually lean more towards a cream for the night time but this lotion is definitely thick and hydrating enough for me as of right now. Once the cooler weather approaches we’ll see how my skin does and if I need a heavier moisturizer. 

Again I do apologize for not keeping up with however we have finally found a place to live and packing it up is the only thing I’ve been doing with my spare time. The salon has been crazy busy as well so my time there is limited to blogging. I have been doing a lot of research for the upcoming season and can’t wait to share everything fall! 

Busy Busy Bee

I’ve been so neglectful of my blog and I do apologize. We’re still looking for a place to live and we have to be out by the 31st. I’m still not feeling 100% from these summer allergies. My son apparently gets a cold right before new teeth come in so my sleep has be deprived. I’ve been packing up my apartment using boxes from the deliveries at work trying to be as organized as possible. So you can say I’ve been alittle preoccupied. I do have some great ideas I’ve been jotting down to blog about once things get alittle more settled as well as sharing some fall recipes with you all which are my favorite! Stay patient and stay tuned. 

Abs in August

It is not too late in the season to get a some abs! Summer is still in full effect and technically the weather can be warm until October. I dedicated my August Workout to abs. I selected some of my favorite exercises and put together a workout that is very simple to follow. It’s also never too late to clean up your diet. Summer time fruits and veggies are so delicious and fun to cook with so have fun experimenting as well because real abs are made in the kitchen.

Coconut Oil

The smell of coconut puts an instant smile on my face! It instantly makes me think of a warmer summer beach day. I use Trader Joe’s brand because out of all the coconut oils I’ve tried, this one has the most potent warm coconutty smell that I can never get sick of. I use it to cook and bake at times however I keep it in my bathroom because I drown my skin in it after I shower. I went to a friends pool today and got a great tan. My chest and shoulders always get a little crispy so I piled on the coconut oil. It soothes and hydrates my skin so I never peel. So whether you like to cook with it or not, definitely try it after being in the sun all day. You won’t be disappointed. If you don’t like to feel greasy I suggest throwing a pair of leggings on with a tank after you have applied so you don’t get any oil stains on your sheets or couch. 

Allergies & Apple Cider Vinegar 

I can’t even believe I feel allergy symptoms and it’s about to be August. I don’t know what plants and trees are being planted but these landscapers need to cut it. Also I get very affected by the weather change and being that the tempature dropped dramatically this passed weekend, it doesn’t surprise me that I feel the way I do. Anyway I woke up Sunday morning with an extremely itchy burnt throat and a post nasal drip. I immediately took a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar. Germs can’t survive or spread because of the acidic coating it leaves on your throat. It burned all the way down but felt so good. I do it day and night until my throat feels better. I’ve been using my Flonase nasal spray as well and have been taking Zyrtec at night. My accupunturist is on maternity leave or I would have definitely made an emergency session with her for my allergies. 


I posted about my new face cleanser by Simple Skin Care and said I will be trying all of their products. Well I had recently ran out of my daytime face lotion and being that it’s summer I decided to try Simple Protecting Lotion with SPF 15. I love the smell of it and it doesn’t leave my skin dry like most face lotions. I usually have to use a cream for during the day because of my dry/sensative skin type. This lotion makes my skin feel hydrated and never greasy. I’ll probably end up making the switch to their night cream once I’m done with my current one. Can’t wait! Check out the rest of the Simple Skin Care Products.