Ab Talk

I get asked so many times what my secret is to keeping my abs even after having my son. I eat super clean! I did before, during and after my pregnancy. How you take care of yourself before is super important. Abs are 70% kitchen and 30% gym. So you must start taking care of your body so later on it can take care of you. Now let’s talk about the actual workout plan. When I so get to the gym I usually hit atleast 6 machines in the ab section doing low weight and burning 50-100 reps. To build you lift heavy doing less reps. To shred you lift light doing more reps. Get it? So..it goes for the same thing if you’re doing an at home ab workout. You’re using minimal to no weight at all so you should be ripping through your reps. Any questions please comment and ask. Happy Monday y’all!

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