Allergies & Apple Cider Vinegar 

I can’t even believe I feel allergy symptoms and it’s about to be August. I don’t know what plants and trees are being planted but these landscapers need to cut it. Also I get very affected by the weather change and being that the tempature dropped dramatically this passed weekend, it doesn’t surprise me that I feel the way I do. Anyway I woke up Sunday morning with an extremely itchy burnt throat and a post nasal drip. I immediately took a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar. Germs can’t survive or spread because of the acidic coating it leaves on your throat. It burned all the way down but felt so good. I do it day and night until my throat feels better. I’ve been using my Flonase nasal spray as well and have been taking Zyrtec at night. My accupunturist is on maternity leave or I would have definitely made an emergency session with her for my allergies. 

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