Baby Food Textures

My son Jameson recently had turned 9 months old! Time sure is flying. I am still making all of his food myself and continue to purée everything. As of last month he has grown 2 teeth in on the bottom so I decided it was time to thicken up his food to get him used to new texture and add some seasoning to give him some flavor. Along with yogurt melt and puffs, I also have been giving him bananas and watermelon in tiny pieces which he loved. Different for him so we have gotten a few sour faces however he definitely enjoyed trying them.

Last week I had made a garbanzo bean mash and left it on the grittier chunkier side. Jameson was not a fan at first and it took a lot longer to feed him. But each day got easier so don’t give up if your baby isn’t into something first time around. Keep trying. Everything is brand new and can be strange at first.

The photo above is what I made for the week coming up. You can find this delicious combination on my Adult Recipe Page. I puréed on low for a few seconds. Then pulsed to my desired texture. Jamo did very well with it being a thicker texture with new flavors. Again there were some faces at first but he gobbled it down!

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