Back to Business

Hello all!  I’m currently on a staycation and have gotten my apartment together quite quickly for just moving a few days ago. As I was packing up my old place I found myself needing more moving boxes. I found them on Amazon for a great price however, I had ordered the large ones but definitely should’ve ordered the medium. They were way too big to carry. I found that using plastic shopping bags to wrap all my fragile items with the box lined with extra towels or flat sheets worked extremely well and saved money on bubblewrap. I used my vinyl laundry bags and large utility black garbage bags to transport shoes and clothes and my reusable grocery bags to clear out my fridge and freezer. Every time I move I get better and better at finding ways to stay organized and save money. Message me on my Contact Page with any questions or moving tips. I’m more than happy to help.

8 thoughts on “Back to Business

    1. We’re in a 2 family and ended up using a realtor. Do you have a pet? That was our biggest problem. Craigslist is an awesome tool. As well as hotpads, trulia and zillow.


      1. Nope no pets, just me! What town did you end up renting?

        I use some of those websites, thanks!

        Btw this is Nicole Laing, I didn’t know if you knew lol

        How are you these days! Beautiful baby boy!


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