Mario Badescu


So this is my current summer skin care regimen. I get asked all the time about my skin and what products I use. I do have a habit of skincare hopping but I’m just a product fanatic and love trying anything new. This product line is definitely more affordable than most high end skin care lines. They have a huge selection for all different types of skin. My skin changes with the seasons. Fall and Spring are huge adjustment periods for my skin. I get extremely dry in the winter and more hydrated in the summer all due to the change in weather. The non foaming Enzyme Cleansing Gel has the best smell I think, it glides on and off the skin cleaning out your pores. Now everyone say this with me GLYCOLIC ACID! That has to be my favorite aging ingredient in skincare. I’m super sensitive as well although glycolic acid tends to be very gentle on me. The toner leaves my skin feeling refreshed and definitely toned. The Glycolic Skin Renewal Complex face cream has been extremely effective so far. I feel as though my complexion is more evened out and hydrated just enough. Last but not least and probably the most important product to me anyway is eye cream. The Hyaluronic eye cream restores moisture and is formulated to smooth the eye area. I would say this is for the prevention of crow’s feet to the early signs of eye aging. Fun fact here is that’s the part I hate most about my face and am most self-conscious about. So best believe I am trying to take care of it now and keep up my good skin habits. If you have ever tried Mario Badescu comment below and let me know what products who love, hate or have an interest in trying!

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