Get Your Glow On!

6361104070068376481492247483_highlight.gifUnknown.jpegI’m completely obsessed with this Tarte Highlighter in Sparkler. It also comes in 2 other shades Exposed and Stunner. All the same effect but different undertones. I went into Ulta and had purchased a contour and highlighting kit by It Cosmetics. I loved the contour colors for all year round and the highlight was awesome as well but only for winter time. It was too cool toned to use for summer. So I went back and chatted with the Tarte Makeup Artist they had on staff and she gave me this. I wear it everyday and love the way it looks on my sun kissed skin. I apply it to my cheekbone, side eye and brow bone with a medium sized angled brush. Grab yours this week for upcoming 4th of July weekend!

For the Love of Veggies!

T76gQlH.jpgIf you’re into grilled vegetables like I am then you will love my Vegetable Kabob Recipe that I just posted on my Adult Recipe Page. I marinated the kabobs in a basil balsamic mix with other spices. They came out delicious and hope you enjoy them as much as we did. I also got creative and made Spaghetti Squash and Sweet Potato Fritters. They are sweet, savory and crisp. I actually ate both of these dishes tonight for dinner and packed a serving for lunch tomorrow to bring to work.

Waves for Days

giphy​​​I ran super late this morning and came into work with barely any makeup on and my hair a mess. I did my makeup quick and hopped in my friend Frankie’s styling chair at Dieci Lifestyle Spa and she gave me some awesome waves using the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Curling Iron. What’s so great is that it glides through the hair like a marcel but indeed is a spring iron. Purchase yours and other babyliss irons at and make sure you use a coupon!

I like mine Chopped!

I’m a huge salad lover and pack my lunch to work everyday. I got recommended this Dole Chopped Salad Kit from a coworker and I’m obsessed. I despise soggy lettuce and this mix is far from that. Always crunchy and fresh. I don’t use the bacon it comes with but the sunflower seeds are delicious. The dressing isn’t that bad but not really my style. I’m more of a vinegarette kind of girl. Anyway Dole made a bunch of different flavors of different mixes so there’s one for everyone. I get mine at and love when they have a sale 2 for $5!

Organizing Your Clothes

I recently purchased a set of Vacuum Sealed Ziplock Bags. I needed better storage for my maternity clothes and Jameson’s clothes as he grows out of them. I couldn’t believe how many articles of clothes I got in 1 bag. When sealed the bags are extremely compact and can be stored anywhere. I plan on using more bags to switch out my wardrobe from spring/summer to fall/winter once we move and get settled. I got mine at