Isn’t that Swell!

I purchased a swell bottle last summer thanks to one of my closest friends. We went to the beach and she was drinking out of one so I took a sip and couldn’t believe how cold the water was after being in the hot sun. Another girlfriend of mine at work brings her coffee in her swell bottle. I gave it a try and my coffee was still hot at the end of my work day. I would definitely recommend buying one if you already haven’t. I bought mine at You can also purchase them on

Trader Joe’s Lover

I recently started shopping at Trader Joe’s again since Jameson my almost 8 month old can sit up in the cart. They have the best produce, nut mix and snack collection. I’m also really loving their coffee.They’re frozen food section has variety, they’re cheese and stuffed pasta selections are amazing. Probably hands down the best hummus I’ve ever had store bought. Some things are more expensive than other food stores so I just go to else where for the things I can get cheaper.

Monday Funday


Today I decided to have a Monday Funday with my friends and our kids. We met at Whitemeadow Lake in Rockaway and enjoyed the day. I had gone food shopping prior to our lake trip and decided to meal prep a bit once I got home. I made Oats and Peanut Butter Protein Balls. They’re super easy and delicious. My boyfriend had purchased Monster Isolate Vanilla Protein Powder which inspired me to make them. Get the full recipe on my Adult Recipe Page.


img_1647I have been getting so many compliments on this bathing suit. The color and cut are everything this season! I love finding swimsuits that are sexy but tasteful and comfortable. I had a problem this year finding them though. The prints were too much. I’m not into one pieces or all the strappy tops. I wanted just a normal bikini. I came across this at and it came in a few other colors which include black, beige, olive, rose dawn and rust. The material is so smooth you feel like you’re wearing nothing! Right up my alley! If you’re still looking for something for the summer season go and checkout Love Culture. You won’t be disappointed!

Beach Baby

images.jpeg I’m in a mom group on Facebook and the topic of sunscreen came up. Everyone was recommending their favorites and I replied that I use Babyganics. I love that it doesn’t have an odor and is a smooth application onto my son’s skin. It’s mineral-based and I can’t stress how important UVA/UVB protection is and not only for babies but for us adults as well. I purchased a combo pack that came with a Natural Insect Repellant that smells like a citronella candle which I don’t mind at all. The product is deet free and full of natural plant and essential oils. I highly recommend checking out their brand. They have a whole line of baby safe products that are tear free and non-allergenic. Check them out! I also added 2 new baby food recipes to my Baby Recipe Page. If you have a little one at home and need some new food ideas check it out!

Arm Candy

img_1614 I love when the warm weather hits because you can wear a ton of jewelry and have it be seen. I just received a cuff to add to my collection with my son’s name on it that a friend made me. She’ll personalize the cuff how ever you want. Check out my latest post on instagram @whatstunningsays to find her page and more info on her latest craft!