Monthly Workouts

IMG_1328 The workouts on my Monthly Workout page are for every woman no matter the lifestyle she may lead. The stay at home mom, the working mom and the non mom who has a busy work schedule and an activate social life. I put together exercises that are easy to follow and simple to accomplish. The routines are 30-45 minutes and require little to no equiptment. You can always add or eliminate. Thats what I love about fitness. It is extremely personalized. I find that strength training and a clean diet shows more results than cardio and mindless eating. It also depends on what your fitness goals are. Please feel free to message me with any questions you have I will be glad to help. and remember although it is good to challenge yourself it’s even better to always listen to your body.

Cooking for your baby


If you are about to or already have started your little one on solids this is a great recipe for egg yolks and pastina. I don’t consider myself an all around millennial mom but when it come to food and nutrients I’m a huge supporter of homemade meals. Since my son was of age to explore solids, my food processor and I have become besties. On my Baby Recipe page you will find my collection of home made baby food recipes along with others for the adults as well.