Soft Skin!

If anyone knows me they know I love a good body butter. My skin is on the dryer side so I need to stay extra hydrated no matter what season we are in. Trader Joe’s has an amazing body butter which I purchase quite often. It smells absolutely deliscious and moisturizes my skin very well. Did I mention it smells good? Haha I’m obsessed. I do also love Vaseline Cocoa Butter as well however it’s a lotion consistency not a butter so it’s lighter. Anyway way I highly recommend this body moisturizer especially with the dryer cooler weather coming. They currently have a Pumpkin scent available at Trader Joe’s. Happy Fall! 

Big Mouth Little Body


IMG_2058My almost 11 month old son is a great eater. I haven’t pureed any food for the passed month. He has 4 teeth and continues to teeth like crazy making it easier to chew a larger variety of food. However, meat is a challenge. I have made meatballs, roasted chicken and fish. Sometimes I think its not soft enough, too dry or he just isn’t into the texture. It can get extremely frustrating trying t figure him out. So I have decided to put meat on the back burner for a bit and use quinoa as a protein source. It can definitely help him digest his food better than meat and he seems to not mind it. I made up a simple meal using Quinoa and Mixed Vegetables. Go to my Baby Recipe Page for full recipe.

Pennings Orchard & Farm


I couldn’t wait until our New Jersey weather got a little bit cooler so we can go apple picking. This passed Sunday was the perfect day to go to Pennings Farm & Orchard in Warwick, NY. They have a huge property and offer so much more than just picking apples. They have a cidery, a beer garden, a market place, petting zoo, playground and all types of fresh food stands for your liking. You can take your family there and spend the entire day. We met a bunch of other couples with their kids and had a great day. The apple cider donuts are a personal favorite. I made sure to take a bag home with us. It was rather crowded and you definitely had to wait on lines so next year I want to plan a Monday for us to go. We would have the whole place to ourselves! When Jameson gets bigger he will be a lot more engaged however he was loving the scenery and had his eyes everywhere. I would say our Sunday Funday was a success.

Egg Muffins for the Babe

IMG_1997 2

Transitioning to solid food has for sure been a challenge for my 10 month old. These egg muffins have made it way easier. They are packed with protein and let me know that he is getting all his nutrition with also sneaking in some veggies. Meal prepping has always made me feel more at ease knowing what I’m eating and creating options for the week especially for the little ones. Go to my Baby Recipe Page and check out this easy recipe.