Simple Face Wipes

After work every Saturday I get my butt to the gym. No matter how tired I am from being up with the baby in the middle of the night or a busy day at the salon I make it happen. But today I made the mistake of not washing my face before I left work. I ended up stopping at Walgreens and grabbed these face wipes and I’m obsessed!! I have super sensitive skin and was definitely a little worried especially going to the gym and sweating after wiping my face with a foreign product but I’m extremely satisfied! I will be keeping a pack in my gym bag and I suggest you do the same. I plan on checking out and giving all the Simple Skin Care products a try.

Meal prep for the Prince

green-sprouts-polypropylene-baby-food-storage-cubes-8-pack-9ccAfter work today I prepped Jameson some new combinations of food for next week. Im always brainstorming on whats age appropriate for him and try to come up with tasty unique purees.  I have so many more ideas and can’t wait to share them all with you and your little one. I love my Green Sprout Baby Food Storage Containers too. They wash well and hold up to 4oz. Check out the Baby Recipe page for my newest recipes.

Beauty Tip Alert!

There are so many products to use to fill in your eyebrows. Pencils, powders, pomades etc. I myself am a huge pomade lover. I feel like it lasts the longest on me being that my skin is on the dryer side. I apply it with a thin slanted makeup brush and blend it with a spooly. The product itself tends to dry out and a friend recommended to put a little coconut oil in it and it completely came back to life. So if any of your makeup products are drying out revive them with a little coconut oil.

Healing with Accupuncture

I’ve always had sciatica pain ever since I was a young girl playing sports and dancing. I managed by doing yoga over time and it most definitely helped. Once I got pregnant I couldn’t do yoga passed a certain point and the pain got real! So I did some research and l I decided to try accupunture. It helped tremendously.  I also suffer from chronic sinusitis and since I couldn’t take my normal allergy and sinus meds I gave it a try again. I couldn’t believe it for the first time ever I had relief without taking anything. Now I’m dealing with elbow pain from carrying my son around and favoring my left arm. So this week I made my appt and I can’t wait to see my girl Libby so she can fix me. She specializes in infertility but also pain management. You can find her at She works out of an office in Paramus, NJ and Rutherford, NJ.